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Thursday, December 3, 2009


We can't decide on what to do for the next outing!! Here's a poll to help us decide! DO VOTE!! Hmm, the time of our next outing should be around x'mas~~ so perhaps the activity can have something to do with some x'massy activity?? If u've got better suggestions, tag it!:D oh, n if u pick choice 4, pls tag a even more EXOTIC outing on the tagboard...thanks!

11:34 PM

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Since fong the pong is lazy to post about our 2nd outing...i shall help her then-.-

Pongpong: "Today is the day of our 2nd Outing cum exotic b-day surprise! Beehiang really got tricked by Pong Pong..." Ok, i shall continue from where she stopped, BUT WITH PICTURES! Since pictures speak a thousand words x)

Yes, the main focus today is bee hiang's bday surprise!!
& here's pong, rotting on top of Mt Faber, 守-ing bh's present when bh thought
she's still soundly aslp at home! haha~~
(erm, is that sj's arm?-.-)

Oh, erm...side track a bit...
while pongpong & I were climbing up the Marung Trail, we met with another family going up to the park too...Here's part of their conversation...

Family boy: "mama, i'm hungry..."
Family mum: "oi, u go make friends with the 2 jiejie la, they got food leh..." *glance at pandan cake*
Pongpong & me: o.o erm...

Yeah, ok...back to bh's bday surprise!

Here's bh's exotic gifts!
($2 pandan cake + singing candle, box of gifts, scrabble to show the words 'happy birthday')

bh: like ur purple jacket?? BRIGHT & EYE-CATCHING!!

someone suggested photoshopping clouds behind-.-
a job for SJ mayb? since he likes to photoshop xP

Fong the pong got locked up! Muahhahaha.... *evil laughs*

A picture with the merlion on top of Mt Faber! *roar*

we nearly got lost & had to seek the help of a map!
on top shows ALL the places we walked through at Kent Ridge!
(erm, except Pong's canopy walk xP haha...)

Taking a break at Henderson Waves~~~
drink drink & fan fan~~

Shunjie here trying to do the fly kite dance-.-
bh: don't think he qualifies rite? o.O

us trying to imitate the Henderson Waves~~~ Whoo~~
if u click on the consecutive snapshots, u'll literally see us waving-.- Whoo~~

Here's Blangah Hill Park
instead of normally taking the steps, XX decides to add a little more 刺激感!!!!!
(got more exclamation mark feels more 刺激!!!!! lol)

Sj: *gasps at the fast-flashing SLR*
can u spot sieuping? haha...

Forest walk next...walking among the treetops!

picture demonstrating sp's fear of the heights...
...& sj consistently trying to scare her-.-

Credits to sj for our Exotic Club's VERY OWN, VERY FIRST album cover!! ((:


Haha...hope she won't kill me for posting THIS photo!!

Thanks to yuntong for all the photos!

5:52 PM

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Here's the details of the NEXT outing! (:

Venue: Kent Ridge Park (map attached)

We're going to walk from Marung Trail all the way to Canopy Walk and crossing 2 bridges, Alexandra Arch and Henderson Waves. On the way, we're stopping at the 3 parks, Telok Blangah Hill Park, Mount Faber Park and Hortpark. We'll be resting at Hortpark and playing games there(: Around lunch time, we'll be taking a bus back to Harbour Front MRT, then we'll decide where and what to eat for lunch!

Meeting Venue: Harbour Front MRT station (leave at Exit D or check map at MRT station)
Date: 22nd June 2009
Time: 8.30AM

Attire: confortable t-shirt and pants, covered shoes/ sandals

Things to bring:
1. own medication (if any)
2. food: biscuits, snacks, bread etc
3. water (1 bottle)
4. money (for lunch)
5. games (cards, uno, scrabble etc; games that can be played by a grp of pple)

11:29 PM

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Here's some of the photos of our VERY FIRST exotic outing to Pulau Ubin Chek Jawa, with the aim of seeing corals!! But due to the high tide, we didn't get to see them :/ haha...but it was still an enjoyable trip!

Here we are at PU!! Only the 7 of us~~
(photo was taken on a tissue packet-.- pongpong's idea!)

playing bridge at PU!!? exotic right!

bum boat ride~~

Steamboat at night with more pple joining us!!

For more photos, check it out at our Webshots account! (:

12:19 AM